Password security

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Dazu ein paar kleine Tips zur Passwort Sicherheit ...

Passwords are like a toothbrush. Use it every day; change it regularly; and DO NOT share it with friends!
Some rules to using passwords:
1. Do not let anyone use your password.
2. Do not provide your password to anyone at any time for any reason.
3. Do not write your password down - particularly on your terminal, computer, or anywhere around your desk. If you do write it down do not identify it as a password and do not write any information that associates it with a computer and/or server.
4. Do not type your password while anyone is watching.
5. Do not record your password on line or send it anywhere via electronic mail.
6. If you do share your password - deliberately or inadvertently - change it immediately.
7. Change your password on a regular basis (even if it has not been compromised) and always use a complex password (combination of random letters, numbers, and special characters)

Password Security

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